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"Never without our four-legged best friend. Patented carrier for small pets up to 10 kg, POW."

"It's called "Pet on Wheels", also called POW, and it's the perfect accessory for all riders."

"Take your pup for a scenic ride with Pet on Wheels."

"The creators of Pet on Wheels, a hard case pet carrier for scooters, motorcycles, bikes and cars, hope to transform the lives of motorists and their pets."

"Thanks to this system, approved also for mopeds and bicycles, your dog will no longer have to stay at home when you want to go out. An entirely Italian idea."

“Imported from Italy, the carrier fits on the back of scooters, motorcycles and bicycles, and can even be used as car carriers.”

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Designed with safety at the forefront, our dog car seat complies with the highest safety standards and provisions of the Italian highway code. Whether if you travel by car, motorcycle, scooter or bike, with petonboard it is safe and easy. One product for all wheels.

What our customers say


from the petonboard community

Great gadget

Buddy was always anxious riding with me in the car, now he feels safe and we both can enjoy the drive. Thank you POW!

Daniel - Seattle

Thank you!

Miami traffic can get crazy and the beaches are crowded, so it was quite difficult taking Lexy with me. Thanks to you guys I don't have to worry about her running next to my bike and can take her wherever I go.

Collette - Milan


Absolutely changed our road trips - POW is a must have for riding dog owners!

Brad - Arizona

Highly recommended

Thanks to POW my wife and I can go on longer trips without leaving our dog.

Stefano - Pordenone

Love it!

I love the look and ease of use. I even take Enzo shopping with me without leaving him and worrying about time. Everything became easier.

Antonella - Treviso